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Orthopedics is a medical division dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, of diseases or trauma to the muscles, bones, joints, nerves or structures of the musculoskeletal system, which help the body coordinate and generate movement.

Thousands of people are affected daily with conditions that can cause pain in the knees, hands, hips, shoulders, and spine. Orthopedics can specialize in some of these and other areas.

The most common problems why patients seek orthopedic specialists are related to pain. Usually, pain starts as a consequence of injury or progressive wear and tear at the hip and knee, also other age-progressive conditions like arthritis and joint pain.

Orthopedic surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons treat diseases and conditions related to bone, joint, and muscle that affect mobility because of pain and discomfort. Trauma, excessive repetitive movements related to work activity or age are the top reasons why orthopedic specialists, are so important to the medical community.

Orthopedic surgeons diagnose, treat chronic or recurring injuries because of trauma in bones, joints or muscles. These conditions can be congenital, degenerative diseases, sports injuries that cause pain, and interrupt normal mobility.

Orthopedic surgeons are trained in the most advanced technologies to help people with muscle skeleton conditions or diseases. They’re highly skilled professionals that use innovative techniques and procedures to restore motion and improve patient’s quality of life.

The most important traits in an orthopedic surgeon are too carefully assess and diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate conditions that affect the musculoskeletal framework. One of their goals is to help prevent injuries or damage to important muscle skeleton structures. Orthopedic surgeons can rely on surgical or non-surgical treatments for injuries or certain conditions.

Best orthopedic surgeons | Tijuana

Orthopedic services are one of the most looked after services for medical travel or medical tourism. Millions of people travel every year to one of the top destinations worldwide leaders in medical tourism, Mexico, to receive the best medical care services at affordable prices without compromising care and safety.

Mexico has been a pioneer in proving high-quality, innovative health care services for international travelers that seek elective medical treatments while vacationing.

Orthopedic surgery center, Clinica Rodilla y Hombro de Tijuana, has treated international tourists, and members of the local community for over 23 years.  Dr. Eliseo Mora has established his specialized medical practice in the city of Tijuana, where he uses innovative technology and performs thorough evaluations to treat and improve the life of his patients.

Disc replacement, sports injuries, fractures, trauma, plantar fasciitis, are among the conditions treated at the Orthopedic Surgery Center Clinica Rodilla y Hombro de Tijuana by Dr. Eliseo Mora, and his team of certified specialist, that dedicate their medical practice to restoring the life of their patients to a pain-free and active life.

Orthopedic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico | Dr. Eliseo Mora

Dr. Eliseo Mora is a licensed certified Orthopedic Surgeon Specialist in the city of Tijuana. He is also certified as a bone and joints specialist. His treatments are designed in consideration of his patient’s needs. He has dedicated his practice to treat injuries, or damage to the spine, hands, hip, and knee, shoulder, and elbow, foot, and ankle.

Doctor. Eliseo Mora is frequently described by his patients as highly skilled in his area of expertise, having a compassionate human approach to medical care, and how carefully detailed his explanations are regarding diagnosis and treatment. His patients are always happy to speak of his medical excellence and share their gratitude for the changes they have experienced after their treatment at the orthopedic surgery center Clinica Rodilla y Hombro de Tijuana.

Clinica Rodillo y Hombro de Tijuana, is equipped with top-notch technology, dedicated to providing medical attention that is innovative, humane, and ethical. Dr. Eliseo Mora knows knowledge is power, and he likes to provide answers to all the questions from his patients regarding their condition, diagnosis, and treatment. His goal is to provide personalized care that tends to the specific needs of their patients.

Dr. Eliseo Mora is dedicated to helping his patients achieve an active pain-free life. His team of orthopedic specialists and surgeons at Clinica Rodilla y Hombro de Tijuana, are ready to guide you through this difficult step. Choosing the right specialist is a very important decision to make, their bilingual team of board-certified and licensed orthopedic specialists is ready to provide all the information you require and clarify any medical concerns you might have.